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Community Arts Trinidad (CAT) is a nonprofit organization, created by Trinidad community members in a grassroots effort to develop and support the ‘Trinidad Art Nights’ event. CAT is a DreamMaker Project of the Ink People Center for the Arts.

CAT’s primary event, ‘Trinidad Art Nights’ is a town wide event in Trinidad that takes place every first Friday of the month, 6­-9pm, from May through October. The rich experience of Trinidad Art Nights has been growing and we see it at a point where it is ready to take a deeper rooting into our very cultural experience.

CAT’s mission statement is ‘to build community and commerce through the arts.’ Through Trinidad Art Nights, CAT constantly strives to provide greater access to the arts by reducing barriers and exploring innovative strategies for new or increased participation in the arts.

CAT strives to actualize the mission statement largely by creating and launching extensive media outreach as well as, supplementing entertainment and activities throughout the town. For media outreach we create and distribute flyers and brochures, pay for radio advertisements, create and manage our website, and post event updates on Facebook. CAT events and activities are what make Trinidad Art Nights so unique and provides venues where there would otherwise be none. This has a fill-in-the-gap effect, which the public has come to love and expect. Supplemental entertainment CAT provides includes a kids zone with face painting, boffer zone, skate ramps, circus acts, as well as town-wide performance art, fire dancing and music. Since organizing Trinidad Art Nights for 8 consecutive years, we have seen the positive impact this mission has brought to the community.

Local business support is integral to the success of our mission. With the financial contributions of local businesses, our media outreach and supplemental entertainment, vital to Trinidad Art Nights, is possible. Businesses benefit in return by being represented in our extensive advertising campaign. Due to foot traffic brought to town during Trinidad Art Nights, one can see the positive effects on the local economy during Trinidad Art Nights as well as long lasting return visitors. With financial funding and participatory support from local businesses, non-profit groups and organizations, CAT will continue to provide the base for which this event can stay on the map as an art night destination!

Thank you for supporting this wonderful town wide event!

“Chakeeta” Marie Garabedian:
Tim Breed: 707-502 5737

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Tim Breed
“Chakeeta” Marie Garabedian

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