555 Contemporary Dance Company

555 Contemporary Dance Company is a DreamMaker project of The Ink People. Established in 2015, 555 strives to pull the audience into another world during a performance. Sometimes quirky (I.e., "Raynbo Konnekshun", "Drunk Hobos"), sometimes tragically emotional (I.e., "Reue", "Hope", "Persist") and sometimes a little scary (I.e. "Shadows", "Shadows Part II: The Possession"). 555 is a troupe that believes dance is not just entertainment, but an endeavor to relate to the audience as a kindred spirit using the purest of art forms in which the artist becomes the art itself.

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About Face: A Veterans Healing Sanctuary

About Face It: A Veteran Healing Sanctuary offers artist residencies for veterans of the OEF and OIF conflicts. During their stay, resident artists are introduced to mindfulness practices such as meditation and yoga.

The founder, a combat veteran himself, believes that creative expression serves as an effective healing modality when paired with mindfulness training and freedom from the stress and obligations of daily life. By opening his property to combat veterans in need of space and freedom, he is fulfilling his oath to leave no service member behind.

Donation proceeds provide each resident artist with housing, a living stipend, and unlimited access to a local yoga studio. Art produced through the program will be shared with the community through public readings and art exhibitions.

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All Are Welcome Community

All Are Welcome is a facilitated artists’ space by and for artists. All people are welcome with the agreement of mutual respect. There is no cost to participants for use of the space. All Are Welcome Arts recognizes the creativity and bright potential of all lives. The space is accessible for people from a variety of economic backgrounds. It is designed to be particularly welcoming to those citizens who do not have homes and to artists who have been marginalized within mainstream society. All Are Welcome Arts is an inclusive space where artists can engage critically with questions and actions related to a more dynamic participation in society.

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Bandemonium promotes Community Music learning opportunities. A friendly safe and low pressure environment to learn music at ones own pace in the company of others doing the same and building community at the same time. Currently based at the Bayside Grange and running from 5 to 9pm on most Sunday afternoons the program consists of an initial 2 hours of people with softer folk oriented string instruments and morphs into 2 hours of alternative brass band music. The Brass Band performs in the community several times a year

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Blue Lake Artisans Collective

The City of Blue Lake is home to amazing artisans, craftspeople, businesses and civic minded individuals. The formation of a collective is an opportunity to bring them together under an organized umbrella for branding, marketing, and retail purposes. The collective will bring awareness to those “experiences” that one can only find in Blue Lake and will give our artisans a larger audience and presence in the local and regional community.

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