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Life & Death

Call to Artists
Life & Death
at the Tuxford Gallery

“Life 3” by Anastasia Antimony

“Life 3” by Anastasia Antimony

Life is a beautiful present that we are all currently experiencing. With the gift of life, there comes death. No life can occur without death, and without death, there would be no new life. It is a cycle that every life form on earth must go through, and will go through. It is natural. Even when death occurs, it is not the end. It is the start of a new cycle.

Artists, do you have any art pieces that explore the theme of Life & Death? These concepts can be an appreciation for life or death, or what reminds you of either. Art pieces that explore any part of this cycle are welcomed.

Show is welcomed to all artists!

Please drop off a maximum of three pieces of any medium ready to hang or stand on Thursday, April 4th. There will be a 5$ entrance fee that will go towards food on the day of the gallery opening and Ink People. Thank you!

Drop off: April 4, 2019

Gallery Opening: April 6, 2019

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