Many of our DreamMaker Projects work in different capacities with children, elders, and dependent adults, and are therefore Mandated Reporters in the State of California. Here’s some resources to help understand what that means, and make a report if needed.

  • Information on Reporting Suspected Child Abuse at

    • 24 Hour Child Welfare Crisis Line (707) 445-6180

    • Suspected Child Abuse Report Form - SCAR.pdf

  • Information on Reporting Suspected Elder or Dependent Adult Abuse at

    • Report Abuse - Ph: 707-476-2100 Ph: 866-527-8614

    • Suspected Elder or Dependent Adult Abuse Reporting Form

  • In Depth Mandated Reporter Training for Specific Situations from

  • Child Abuse Reporting Quick Reference

  • Mandated Reporting Requirements: The Elderly and Dependent Adults in California