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Mission Statement
Outer Space Arcata is an arts and music, Arcata based not-for-profit, volunteer run organization. Our goal is to facilitate outlets for music, art, self¬-expression, activism, and community empowerment by creating All-Ages safer-spaces. We are here to promote a Do-It-Together (D.I.T.) culture for a thriving community. We make an effort to work with artists and musicians that navigate marginalized identities and/or represent "outsider" art. This includes race, gender, sexual orientation, age, physical/mental able-ness, class, nationality, religion, or physical appearance. We strive to promote egalitarian and respectful spaces for community to come together. We are open to anyone that wants to be a part of the collective in any way possible, no talent or skills required. It started because we love music and art and the people who bring those things into our lives. We make radical beautiful little acts of opposition to the drudgery of mainstream life. Also, we like breakfast.



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