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The Redwood Coast Children's Chorus is founded upon the belief that music is a universal language - one which can bridge social and cultural barriers. It is based upon the idea that music must be shared and in collaborating musically children may put aside personal differences in favor of a common goal...a love for music. This concept while fundamental on a local level becomes much more powerful on a global scale. It has developed into a unique opportunity for our most advanced singers - to travel nationally and internationally on what the RCCC calls "World Harmony Tours." These tours or local performances raise money for The World Children's Concert Fund for Children Survivors of Natural Catastrophes. In the future, we hope to also create a network of children’s performance groups working together to support the WCCF.

The World Children's Concert Fund for Children Survivors of Natural Catastrophes has as its primary goal, children helping children through music. Proceeds will go to children who are in extreme need following a natural catastrophe.

Rising sea levels due to climate change, as well as many other global conditions have increased the necessity for everyone to be prepared in case of a natural catastrophe. Children helping children in need is an educational and artistic process, an expression of the trust we must have for the survival of the next generation and for many generations to come.


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