NEVLO Project


This movement was and shall remain to be known as the Neo Evolutionary Logic Project (NEVLO Project). Inspired greatly by the arts of antiquity, the word neo derives from the Greek word neos, which means new; giving us yet another way to phrase something familiar as something different. It is from the very root of this movement's title that language, history, creation have a platform for which to teach us new ways of activating our artful-logic. Hand in hand, logic is the idea preceding creation; for what can be thought may then be transmuted into being – an artful manifestation by any one creator or creators. By keenly observing our past, we are able to build diligently and conceive more efficient, more evolved ways to thrive and ally ourselves with all things in existence. Thus begets the idea of neo evolution where we pay homage to older systems of logic and build forward with honor and integrity in order to truly become something not only revolutionary but artfully connected to every generation that has come before us. Art will forever represent the infinite potential of expression by any one creator or creators. Henceforth, to activate the fusion of neo evolutionary logic will be to create new frontiers by honoring our past and marrying them with the ideas of the future; where atop the shoulders of our wise ancestral giants that have come before us, may we stand and see the roads ahead with great clarity and virtue… And so the dream was born, giving way for one creator to become a team of co-creators; hoping to establish a residence on this planet that not only serves each other but our communities, our planet, and every generation to come.


Sergio Coelho Jr.

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