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Watercolor Class with Alan Sanborn

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15 Classes
September 9th to December 23rd
Monday Evenings 6:30p - 9:30p

Alan Sanborn is a nationally exhibited watercolorist who is best known locally as the artist who paints the images that adorn the annual Farmers' Market posters. He has taught at HSU and CR, and has been an instructor through The Ink People for more than twenty five years.

I teach basically the same class every year, unless I've gained a grain of wisdom in the intervening months. Although it is a designed as a beginning class, I have some students who take it two or three times. I can assure absolute beginners that there will be others like you in the class. But I also believe the class offers something for watercolorists at whatever level. Probably the most important aspect of learning is having a safe non-threatening place to practice your work -- and there is nothing that speeds learning along more than a lot of good mistakes. I try to cover the full width of what watercolor can do, including those things that I don't do all that well myself. The class is oriented very much toward representational art and toward color through layering -- since that's what I know best, and what I most love about the medium. It is very technically oriented and most of the lessons are designed to be clear and directed (at least I like to think so).

The class will be on Monday evenings, 6:30 - 9:30. There will be 15 class sessions, starting on September 9. We will meet at Arcata High School. The cost of the class is $235.

Reach me at or feel free to call me at 822-7958.