Trish tha Dish

Trish the Dish This month’s featured Artist is a performer with eclectic inspirations, and boundless Joy! You can find Trish the Dish performing all over the place, including as a member of the Kinetic Sculpture Racing team, the Kinetic Paranormal Society.

What is your favorite art medium to work in, and why?
Theatre (primarily comedy, physical comedy, & characters), as well as Fiction Writing When did you first figure out that art was important to you? After my first big role as a Snowflake at age 5. :-)

Who is your art mentor?
My first real mentor was a Drama Teacher I had in high school, John Shalkowski. Presently, I am inspired by J.K. Rowling (of the Harry Potter books) & the late great Robin Williams.

Finish this sentence: My art is my… Joy!

What advice would you offer someone just beginning their exploration of their own artistic self?
Train in everything that holds your interest. The more you do a thing, the better you become at it. Do it because you love it, whether it makes oodles of money or not.

Kati Texas