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My Name is Jenifer Sherman-Ruppe and I’m starting this enterprise up with my friend Rainbow Marjanovich. Rainbow and I met several years ago when I was working at the Blue Ox Millworks with Community School students. She came in with her intriguing willow focused fiber art. Since then Rainbow has become a full time employee at the Blue Ox Historic Village, while I’ve been out searching for a new life’s purpose.

We were reunited when I came to Rainbow with the idea that I wanted to shred material to create Art Yarn. Rainbow said she wanted to shred plastic. We started meeting and researching together and discovered a web site called Precious Plastic. It was created in the Netherlands by Dave Hakkens. Hakkens created a 4 machine plastic recycling center as a fight against plastic pollution. He produced a manual and open sourced the whole operation which is shared all over the world.

We decided to start a plastic recycling business here in Humboldt, we are BYPA ~ BackYard Planitary Alliance, because all cleaning up starts in our own back yard and yet we’re a part of this world wide movement: Precious Plastic. We’re starting out with the machines that are from the Precious Plastic Manual. We are both artists educated at Humboldt State University sculpture department so we plan to create great art with our recycled plastic. We‘ll create art plus we want to create durable utilitarian items. Our main utilitarian item is going to be fence posts which we plan on making out of silage wrap (fence posts fit nicely with our backyard commitment).

We plan this as a spark to a larger movement where we can actually move to larger machines and employ people to reclaim and recycle all our communities’ plastic. To have an industry that brings a new attention to the idea of Humboldt. Until now it has been Humboldt grown then Humboldt Made and now Humboldt Recycled. Join the movement.  

Jenifer Sherman-Ruppe

Rainbow Marjanovich

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