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Mother2Mother Support Circle (Mother2Mother) is the longest running free prenatal and postpartum mother/baby breastfeeding support group in Humboldt County. Mother2Mother began approximately 18 years ago and provides a weekly facilitated meeting for pregnant women and mothers with young infants and children. Mother2Mother offers a safe, supportive, and educational space for new mothers to navigate the first years of motherhood and to make lifelong friends.  The group provides a weekly opportunity for mothers to “check in” about the beauty, struggles, and fears of being a new parent.   Mothers are able to tell their stories, write about their experiences through journaling (Mommy Diary), weigh their babies, and explore the first years of motherhood in a non-judgmental and sacred space. 


Each new member of the group will be gifted a Mommy Diary in the hopes of writing, drawing, and sharing the moments of motherhood that inspire, frustrate, sadden, and awaken them.  Journaling is therapeutic and creative way to clarify thoughts and feelings about the transition into motherhood.  Future projects include diary making classes, Mommy Night Art, diary reading events, and more.


The Mother2Mother group helps women step forward physically, emotionally, and spiritually into motherhood.  Mothers are not meant to “bounce back” after babies are born, but to evolve into more attuned and more powerful versions of themselves.  The world needs the transformation motherhood brings us: the softening, the tenderness, the vulnerably, the shift in priorities, and the depth of love - these are some of the qualities our hurting world needs.  Mother2Mother group opens the door to this transformation.  All are welcome.

Facilitated by Star Siegfried, RN, BA, IBCLC


When: Every Tuesday

Time: 10 am – 12 pm

Where: Suite 15

317 Third Street, Eureka