Rhizome Infoshop

The Rhizome InfoShop is an anarchist community space located on the second floor of the Ink Annex space at 47B West Third and Commercial. This physical space houses a multi-media lending library, serves as a work space for the Humboldt Grassroots newspaper as well as other Humboldt Grassroots productions, serves as a physical space for lectures, workshops, skill-shares, and other educational events, and serves as a physical meeting space for use by Humboldt Grassroots and other organizations working in either cooperation with Humboldt Grassroots or with the permission of Humboldt Grassroots. More than anything, the intended goal of The Rhizome InfoShop is to serve as a venue for communication and cooperation amongst the anarchist community as well as the broader community in an effort to build and foster grassroots movements and organizing in and around Humboldt County.


Amanda Tierney

Andrew Hamer

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