The purpose of Lawnstock is to bring unique Humboldt County's musicians together to share beautiful music and at the same time inspire the community to share and care for a family in need. All Lawnstocks have supported families of children with serious medical conditions. These families are often in need of financial assistance to cover expenses that are not reimbursed by insurance or the state, including lost income, transportation and out of town housing.  The entire event is volunteer-based and all proceeds after costs go to the beneficiary.

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Lawnstock 2018 will take place on July 28, 2018 from 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM at Perigot Park in Blue Lake.

The beneficiary this year, Marcelo Baker, is a charming 6-year old boy who resides in Rio Dell.  Marcelo was severely injured in a motor vehicle collision that occurred on November 12, 2014.  He sustained a major skull fracture and has residual injuries from damage to his brain.  This injury has affected his vision, motor skills, and cognition.

Lawnstock 2018 will present a diverse and talented cross-section of music from Humboldt County including: Ghost Train, Timbata, The Irie Rockers, Claire Bent & Citizen Funk, Belles of the Levee, The Paula Jones Band, That Buckin’ String Band, and Secret Club.

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Zach Zwerdling

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